Berlin, NH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Berlin

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Ian Harvie Berlin Sep 22 Ian Harvie
Cirkus Prütz Berlin Sep 23 Cirkus Prütz
Ian Harvie Berlin Sep 23 Ian Harvie
The Appleseed Collective Berlin Sep 27 The Appleseed Collective, Appleseed Collective
Kat Wright Berlin Oct 06 Kat Wright
Carter Hulsey Berlin Oct 08 Carter Hulsey
August First Berlin Oct 08 August First, The Aerolites
Lazy Susan Berlin Oct 13 Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan Berlin Oct 14 Lazy Susan
Bandwich Berlin Oct 21 Bandwich
Lula Wiles Berlin Oct 22 Lula Wiles
Kilcollins Berlin Oct 28 Kilcollins
The Conniption Fits Berlin Oct 28 The Conniption Fits
Irish Christmas In America Berlin Dec 05 Irish Christmas In America
Maria Schafer  Berlin Dec 18 Maria Schafer , The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, Brad Black Music
Squelch Berlin Dec 29 Squelch
Lazy Susan Berlin Dec 30 Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan Berlin Dec 31 Lazy Susan
Squelch Berlin Feb 24, 2018 Squelch