Bayreuth, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Martin Mind Bayreuth Sep 23 Martin Mind
Myra Bayreuth Sep 23 Myra, Disillusion
Christian Kornberg Bayreuth Sep 23 Christian Kornberg
Dynanim Bayreuth Sep 23 Dynanim
Johnny Campbell Bayreuth Sep 23 Johnny Campbell
Disillusion Bayreuth Sep 23 Disillusion, Myra
Ingrimm Bayreuth Sep 23 Ingrimm
Svavar Knutur Bayreuth Sep 24 Svavar Knutur, Svavar Knutur
Das Lumpenpack Bayreuth Sep 28 Das Lumpenpack
Danny Ocean Bayreuth Sep 29 Danny Ocean
Rudi Live Bayreuth Sep 29 Rudi Live
Modern Earl Bayreuth Sep 30 Modern Earl
Grillmaster Flash Bayreuth Sep 30 Grillmaster Flash
Dj Goblin Bayreuth Sep 30 Dj Goblin
Saturday's Heroes Bayreuth Oct 01 Saturday's Heroes
Gregorianik meets Pop Bayreuth Oct 02 Gregorianik meets Pop
Sons of Settlers Bayreuth Oct 02 Sons of Settlers
Benni Benson Bayreuth Oct 02 Benni Benson
Gregorianik meets Pop Bayreuth Oct 05 Gregorianik meets Pop