Barre, VT
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Barre

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jeff Przech Barre Nov 17 Jeff Przech
The Jess Novak Band Barre Nov 17 The Jess Novak Band
Radio Jarocho Barre Nov 17 Radio Jarocho
The Conniption Fits Barre Nov 17 The Conniption Fits
The CopOuts Barre Nov 17 The CopOuts, CopOuts
Sharon Shannon Barre Nov 18 Sharon Shannon
Grippo Funk Band Barre Nov 18 Grippo Funk Band
Steady Betty Barre Nov 18 Steady Betty
Rocksteady Reggae Barre Nov 18 Rocksteady Reggae
Millpond Moon Barre Nov 19 Millpond Moon
Disco Dead Barre Nov 24 Disco Dead
Zach Nugent's Disco Dead Dance Party Barre Nov 24 Zach Nugent's Disco Dead Dance Party
The Medallions Barre Nov 25 The Medallions
Stowe Kickoff Party w Barre Nov 25 Stowe Kickoff Party w
Geena Duffy Barre Dec 02 Geena Duffy
Set Sail Barre Dec 02 Set Sail
The Full Cleveland Barre Dec 02 The Full Cleveland
Green Tea Barre Dec 02 Green Tea
Grain Thief Barre Dec 03 Grain Thief
Robinson & Rohe Barre Dec 08 Robinson & Rohe