Avon Park, FL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Avon Park

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Kelly&Ellis Avon Park Nov 20 Kelly&Ellis
Paul Roush Avon Park Nov 25 Paul Roush
David Oliver Willis Avon Park Dec 01 David Oliver Willis
The Savants of Soul Avon Park Dec 02 The Savants of Soul
Jack Michael Music Avon Park Dec 02 Jack Michael Music
Drummond FamilyMinistry Avon Park Dec 03 Drummond FamilyMinistry
James Gerhart Avon Park Dec 07 James Gerhart
ReVoiced Avon Park Dec 08 ReVoiced
Paul Roush Avon Park Dec 09 Paul Roush
Geoffrey Andrews Music Avon Park Dec 14 Geoffrey Andrews Music, Selah, Geoffrey Andrews Music
Selah Avon Park Dec 14 Selah
Simrit Avon Park Dec 16 Simrit
Justino Zoppe Avon Park Dec 16 Justino Zoppe
Gerald Law Music Avon Park Dec 30 Gerald Law Music
The McMillans Avon Park Dec 31 The McMillans
Bowlin Ministries Avon Park Dec 31 Bowlin Ministries
Paul Roush Avon Park Jan 06, 2018 Paul Roush
64 To Grayson Avon Park Jan 07, 2018 64 To Grayson
Summit Trace Avon Park Jan 07, 2018 Summit Trace
Matt Bednarsky Avon Park Jan 11, 2018 Matt Bednarsky