Avon, CT
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
James Morrison AKA Gandalf Mornington Avon Sep 20 James Morrison AKA Gandalf Mornington, James Morrison
The Carrie Ashton Band Avon Sep 20 The Carrie Ashton Band
Small Talks Avon Sep 20 Small Talks, Small Talks
BOO-YAH! Free Funk Wednesdays Avon Sep 20 BOO-YAH! Free Funk Wednesdays
Bloomer Avon Sep 20 Bloomer
Alex2e Avon Sep 21 Alex2e
Beth Ditto Avon Sep 21 Beth Ditto
Brian Dolzani Avon Sep 21 Brian Dolzani
Brad Williams Avon Sep 21 Brad Williams
The Haunting Titans Avon Sep 21 The Haunting Titans
Mission Zero Avon Sep 21 Mission Zero
The Marshall Tucker Band Avon Sep 21 The Marshall Tucker Band
Bloomer Avon Sep 21 Bloomer
Jonatha Brooke Avon Sep 21 Jonatha Brooke
Trivia night Avon Sep 21 Trivia night
The Meadows Brothers Avon Sep 22 The Meadows Brothers
Lainey Dionne Avon Sep 22 Lainey Dionne
Cheat Codes Avon Sep 22 Cheat Codes
Best Not Broken Avon Sep 22 Best Not Broken