Athens, IL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Athens

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Allison Lovdahl Music Athens Nov 22 Allison Lovdahl Music
The Unemployed Architects fanpage Athens Nov 22 The Unemployed Architects fanpage
Wreckless Whiskey Athens Nov 22 Wreckless Whiskey
Brushville Athens Nov 22 Brushville
The New Offenders Athens Nov 24 The New Offenders
Kevin McCaffrey Athens Nov 24 Kevin McCaffrey
Lick Creek Athens Nov 25 Lick Creek
Kevin McCaffrey Athens Nov 25 Kevin McCaffrey
Nienhaus Athens Nov 30 Nienhaus
4  NIENHAUS Athens Nov 30 4 NIENHAUS
Carrollton Band Athens Dec 01 Carrollton Band
Appalachian Christmas Quartet Athens Dec 01 Appalachian Christmas Quartet
Ward Davis Athens Dec 01 Ward Davis
Capital City Showcase Athens Dec 02 Capital City Showcase
Amy Benton Athens Dec 02 Amy Benton
Wreckless Whiskey Athens Dec 02 Wreckless Whiskey
Families Athens Dec 02 Families, Sam Arias
Whiskey Myers Athens Dec 02 Whiskey Myers, Shane Smith & The Saints
Shane Smith & The Saints Athens Dec 02 Shane Smith & The Saints, Whiskey Myers