Athens, Greece
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Athens

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Blank Banshee Athens Sep 26 Blank Banshee
Dj Nick Mason Athens Sep 27 Dj Nick Mason, Nick Mason
Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space Athens Sep 28 Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space, The Big Nose Attack, The Noise Figures
The Big Nose Attack Athens Sep 28 The Big Nose Attack
The Noise Figures Athens Sep 28 The Noise Figures
Elephant Stone Athens Sep 29 Elephant Stone
Dj Summi Athens Sep 29 Dj Summi, Summi, Zoo Roo and 2 more...
Melissa Greener Athens Sep 29 Melissa Greener
Trixx Athens Sep 29 Trixx, Zoo Roo, Jonn and 2 more...
Grand Magus Athens Sep 30 Grand Magus
Michael Kiwanuka Athens Sep 30 Michael Kiwanuka
LUM Athens Sep 30 LUM
BRUNO (GR) Athens Sep 30 BRUNO (GR)
Melissa Greener Athens Sep 30 Melissa Greener
Angstbreaker Athens Oct 02 Angstbreaker
Wintersun Athens Oct 04 Wintersun
Whispered Athens Oct 04 Whispered, Wintersun, Black Therapy
Opera Chaotique Athens Oct 05 Opera Chaotique
AURA NOIR [official] Athens Oct 06 AURA NOIR [official]
Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space Athens Oct 06 Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space, Acid Baby Jesus, Dollkraut and 1 more...