Antrim, United Kingdom
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Davy Watson Antrim Sep 24 Davy Watson
Ships Have Sailed Antrim Sep 24 Ships Have Sailed, Ships Have Sailed, KID CUPID and 1 more...
Slim Cessna's Auto Club Antrim Sep 24 Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Joe Girvin Music Antrim Sep 24 Joe Girvin Music
Amberwood Antrim Sep 25 Amberwood
Joe Girvin Music Antrim Sep 25 Joe Girvin Music
DJ ALLI B Antrim Sep 25 DJ ALLI B
West Lounge Antrim Sep 26 West Lounge
Australian Pink Floyd Antrim Sep 26 Australian Pink Floyd
Worry Dolls Antrim Sep 27 Worry Dolls
Nick Mulvey Antrim Sep 27 Nick Mulvey
Bassh Antrim Sep 27 Bassh, Wild Youth
Jonathas Ferreira Antrim Sep 28 Jonathas Ferreira, Thomas Leeb, Jonathas Ferreira
Ryan McMullan Antrim Sep 29 Ryan McMullan
Maistrí An Tsean Nóis Antrim Sep 29 Maistrí An Tsean Nóis
Lisa Hannigan Antrim Sep 29 Lisa Hannigan
Villiers Antrim Sep 29 Villiers
The Villains Antrim Sep 29 The Villains
Dj`s Against Homelessness Antrim Sep 29 Dj`s Against Homelessness
Chamber Babies Antrim Sep 30 Chamber Babies