Altura, MN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Altura

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Thomas and the Shakes Altura Nov 22 Thomas and the Shakes
Tim Dallman Music Altura Nov 25 Tim Dallman Music
Erik Koskinen Altura Nov 25 Erik Koskinen
Aitas Altura Dec 01 Aitas
cole allen Altura Dec 02 cole allen
Thomas and the Shakes Altura Dec 02 Thomas and the Shakes
Wayward Altura Dec 02 Wayward
Dallas Smith Altura Dec 08 Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith Altura Dec 08 Dallas Smith
Avey/Grouws Band Altura Dec 08 Avey/Grouws Band
Circle of Heat Altura Dec 08 Circle of Heat
Noah James Hittner Altura Dec 09 Noah James Hittner
4onthefloor Altura Dec 09 4onthefloor
Avey/Grouws Band Altura Dec 09 Avey/Grouws Band
The Lonely Knees Altura Dec 09 The Lonely Knees
Amanda Grace Altura Dec 16 Amanda Grace
Galynne Goodwill Altura Dec 16 Galynne Goodwill, Markondrums
Hair Metal Radio Altura Dec 16 Hair Metal Radio
Brayden Drevlow, Concert Pianist Altura Dec 18 Brayden Drevlow, Concert Pianist
Charlie Parr Altura Dec 22 Charlie Parr