Akron, PA
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Reverb Akron Oct 23 Reverb, DOPE, Ill Niño and 4 more...
(həd) p.e. Akron Oct 23 (həd) p.e.
DOPE Akron Oct 23 DOPE
Ill Niño Akron Oct 23 Ill Niño, Reverb
"A Guy Walks Into A Bar" Open Mic Comedy Night Akron Oct 23 "A Guy Walks Into A Bar" Open Mic Comedy Night
PE Akron Oct 23 PE
P. E. Akron Oct 23 P. E.
Sorority Noise Akron Oct 24 Sorority Noise, Citizen, Great Grandpa
Citizen Akron Oct 24 Citizen, Sorority Noise, Great Grandpa
Great Grandpa Akron Oct 24 Great Grandpa
Two on Tap Akron Oct 24 Two on Tap
Lizard Lounge Open Mic Akron Oct 24 Lizard Lounge Open Mic
Reverb Akron Oct 25 Reverb, Motograter
Motograter Akron Oct 25 Motograter
Illusions of Grandeur Akron Oct 25 Illusions of Grandeur, Motograter Official, Illusions of Grandeur
Oshian Akron Oct 25 Oshian
Walter TV Akron Oct 25 Walter TV
Jake Shimabukuro Akron Oct 25 Jake Shimabukuro
Pujol Akron Oct 26 Pujol
Concrete Beach Akron Oct 26 Concrete Beach