Affi, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Humulus Affi Aug 20 Humulus
Bomba Titinka Affi Aug 20 Bomba Titinka
Aida 1913 Affi Aug 20 Aida 1913
Ottavia Brown Affi Aug 20 Ottavia Brown
Niels Van Gogh Affi Aug 21 Niels Van Gogh
la Rappresentante di Lista Affi Aug 22 la Rappresentante di Lista
Lìbero. Affi Aug 24 Lìbero.
Thurston Moore Affi Aug 24 Thurston Moore
Aida 1913 Affi Aug 24 Aida 1913
Bee Bee Sea Affi Aug 24 Bee Bee Sea
Nightmare Affi Aug 24 Nightmare
High/voltage - Ac/dc Tribute Band Affi Aug 25 High/voltage - Ac/dc Tribute Band, High Voltage
JAZZ&More Verona Affi Aug 25 JAZZ&More Verona
Bona Head Affi Aug 25 Bona Head
Planet Funk Affi Aug 25 Planet Funk
Endrigo Affi Aug 25 Endrigo
The lemon squeezers Affi Aug 25 The lemon squeezers
Corrado Bucci Affi Aug 26 Corrado Bucci
Doctor Zot Affi Aug 26 Doctor Zot
Tim Arnold Affi Aug 26 Tim Arnold