Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Patrick Nazemi Aberdeen Sep 19 Patrick Nazemi
Stu Brown Aberdeen Sep 21 Stu Brown
The People (Scotland) Aberdeen Sep 23 The People (Scotland), The Wynntown Marshalls, Adriana Spina and 2 more...
The Wynntown Marshalls Aberdeen Sep 23 The Wynntown Marshalls
Martha L. Healy Aberdeen Sep 23 Martha L. Healy
Adriana Spina Aberdeen Sep 23 Adriana Spina, Wynntown Marshals, Martha L. Healy and 3 more...
BADFINGER (feat. Bob Jackson) Aberdeen Sep 23 BADFINGER (feat. Bob Jackson)
Korn Again Aberdeen Sep 23 Korn Again
Mad Ferret Aberdeen Sep 23 Mad Ferret
Juanita Stein Aberdeen Sep 26 Juanita Stein
the Hum Aberdeen Sep 29 the Hum
The Big Moon Aberdeen Sep 29 The Big Moon
From The Jam Aberdeen Sep 30 From The Jam
I Love The 90's Aberdeen Sep 30 I Love The 90's, Salt-N-Pepa, Vanilla Ice and 4 more...
Hells Bells Aberdeen Sep 30 Hells Bells
The Pigeon Detectives Aberdeen Oct 02 The Pigeon Detectives
Shellac Aberdeen Oct 03 Shellac
Baby In Vain Aberdeen Oct 03 Baby In Vain
Martha Fields Aberdeen Oct 03 Martha Fields