Abbeyleix, Ireland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Midnight Union Band Abbeyleix Aug 25 The Midnight Union Band, The Midnight Union Band
Stocktons Wing Abbeyleix Aug 26 Stocktons Wing
Elvis Spectacular Abbeyleix Aug 27 Elvis Spectacular
Electric Picnic Abbeyleix Aug 31 Electric Picnic
Electric Picnic 2017 Abbeyleix Sep 01 Electric Picnic 2017
Perfume Genius Abbeyleix Sep 01 Perfume Genius
Bongo Steve Abbeyleix Sep 01 Bongo Steve
I-mitri Counteraction Abbeyleix Sep 01 I-mitri Counteraction
the Lemon Twigs Abbeyleix Sep 01 the Lemon Twigs
Michael Kiwanuka Abbeyleix Sep 01 Michael Kiwanuka
Futuristic Polar Bears Abbeyleix Sep 01 Futuristic Polar Bears, Futuristic Polar Bears
King  Kong Company Abbeyleix Sep 02 King Kong Company
Shane Hennessy Abbeyleix Sep 02 Shane Hennessy
Bongo Steve Abbeyleix Sep 02 Bongo Steve
The Riptide Movement Abbeyleix Sep 02 The Riptide Movement
Sunil Sharpe Abbeyleix Sep 02 Sunil Sharpe
Moduse Abbeyleix Sep 02 Moduse
Mode_1 Abbeyleix Sep 02 Mode_1
Electric Picnic Abbeyleix Sep 03 Electric Picnic
Charity Concierge Coins Abbeyleix Sep 03 Charity Concierge Coins