Aalen, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Yasmin Hofer (aka Yasi) Aalen Nov 24 Yasmin Hofer (aka Yasi), Yasi Hofer Trio
Yasi Hofer Trio Aalen Nov 24 Yasi Hofer Trio
MashUp-Germany Aalen Nov 24 MashUp-Germany
Ashton Lane Aalen Nov 24 Ashton Lane, Ashton Lane
Die Füenf Aalen Nov 24 Die Füenf
Claude Bourbon, medieval & Spanish blues Aalen Nov 24 Claude Bourbon, medieval & Spanish blues
DJ Nick Morena Aalen Nov 25 DJ Nick Morena
Daisy May Band Aalen Nov 25 Daisy May Band
Carrousel Aalen Nov 25 Carrousel
Gotz Alsmann Aalen Nov 25 Gotz Alsmann
Big Daddy Wilson Aalen Nov 25 Big Daddy Wilson
SWR1 Pop Aalen Nov 25 SWR1 Pop
Poesie Aalen Nov 25 Poesie
The Phunkguerilla Aalen Nov 25 The Phunkguerilla
Deejay Spirit Aalen Nov 25 Deejay Spirit
Hyenas Aalen Nov 30 Hyenas
Klangwelten-Festival Aalen Nov 30 Klangwelten-Festival
MoZuluArt Aalen Dec 01 MoZuluArt
Jugendstilabend Aalen Dec 01 Jugendstilabend
Hannes wölfel Aalen Dec 01 Hannes wölfel