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Date Venue Location
Jul 08 Lakefield, Canada
Jul 14 Courtenay, Canada
Jul 15 Comox Valley, Canada
Jul 16 Comox Valley, Canada
Jul 22 North Grenville, Canada
Aug 02 Thunder Bay, Canada
Aug 04 Lac Du Bonnet, Canada
Aug 05 Lac Du Bonnet, Canada
Aug 06 Lac Du Bonnet, Canada
Aug 08 Winnipeg, Canada
Aug 09 Winnipeg, Canada
Aug 11 Ear Falls, Canada
Aug 12 Ear Falls, Canada
Aug 13 Ear Falls, Canada
Aug 18 Gananoque, Canada
Aug 19 Calabogie, ON
Aug 20 Huntsville, Canada
Sep 09 Calgary, Canada
Sep 11 Lethbridge, Canada
Sep 14 Red Deer, Canada
Sep 15 Edmonton, Canada
Sep 16 Turner Valley, Canada
Sep 22 Port Hope, Canada
Oct 07 Oakville, Canada
Oct 13 North Dundas, Canada
Oct 14 Ottawa, Canada
Oct 28 Hastings Highlands, Canada
Oct 29 Picton, Canada
Nov 11 Toronto, Canada
Dec 01 Collingwood, Canada
Dec 09 Sarnia, Canada

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