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Date Venue Location
Nov 19 Portsmouth, NH
Nov 16 Hamden, CT
Oct 27 Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany
Oct 26 München, Germany
Oct 25 Bezirk Landstrasse, Austria
Oct 22 Hamburg, Germany
Oct 21 Bremen, Germany
Oct 20 Haarlem, Netherlands
Oct 19 London, United Kingdom
Oct 18 London, United Kingdom
Oct 17 Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 16 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oct 15 Belfast, United Kingdom
Oct 13 Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Oct 12 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Oct 11 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Jun 23 New York, NY
Jun 17 Westerly, RI
Jun 16 Boston, MA
Jun 02 Asbury Park, NJ

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