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Oct 12 Westbury, NY

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Date Venue Location
Sep 08 Kansas City, KS
Sep 09 Kansas City, KS
Oct 04 Memphis, TN
Oct 05 Libertyville, IL
Oct 06 Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 07 Minneapolis, MN
Oct 08 Madison, WI
Oct 10 Syracuse, NY
Oct 11 South Burlington, VT
Oct 12 Westbury, NY
Oct 13 Portland, ME
Oct 14 Boston, MA
Oct 15 Silver Spring, MD
Oct 18 Peoria, IL
Oct 19 Fayetteville, AR
Oct 21 Irving, TX
Oct 23 Phoenix, AZ
Oct 24 San Diego, CA
Oct 26 San Francisco, CA
Oct 29 Anaheim, CA

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