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Date Venue Location
Jul 27 Kiel, Germany
Jul 28 Kurzen Trechow, Germany
Jul 29 Gdansk, Poland
Jul 30 Warsaw, Poland
Jul 31 Zduńska Wola, Poland
Aug 02 Töging Am Inn, Germany
Aug 03 Sion, Switzerland
Aug 04 Blackpool, United Kingdom
Aug 05 Duffel, Belgium
Aug 08 Tolmin, Slovenia
Aug 11 Chur, Switzerland
Aug 12 Baudour, Belgium
Aug 13 Saulzoir, France
Aug 14 Arlon, Belgium
Aug 16 Rennes, France
Aug 17 Angouleme, France
Aug 18 Saint Nolff, France
Aug 19 Vyškov, Czech Republic
Aug 21 Dusseldorf, Germany
Aug 22 Dusseldorf, Germany
Aug 23 Dusseldorf, Germany
Aug 24 Gütersloh, Germany
Aug 25 Niedergörsdorf, Germany
Aug 26 Cismon Del Grappa, Italy
Aug 27 Linz, Austria
Aug 30 Fresnes, France
Aug 31 Thiers, France
Sep 01 Tonnay Boutonne, France
Sep 02 Guipavas, France
Sep 04 Bristol, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Sep 06 Newcastle, United Kingdom
Sep 07 Dundee, United Kingdom
Sep 08 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sep 09 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 10 Derby, United Kingdom
Sep 11 Leicester, United Kingdom
Sep 12 Norwich, United Kingdom
Sep 13 London, United Kingdom
Sep 28 Wiesbaden, Germany
Sep 30 Leipzig, Germany

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