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Date Venue Location
Mar 27 Seattle, WA

Upcoming Dates

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Date Venue Location
Jan 20 Girdwood, AK
Jan 21 Girdwood, AK
Jan 26 Durango, CO
Jan 27 Flagstaff, AZ
Jan 28 San Diego, CA
Jan 29 Los Angeles, CA
Jan 31 Ojai, CA
Feb 01 San Luis Obispo, CA
Feb 02 Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 03 Albany, CA
Feb 04 Crystal Bay, NV
Feb 05 Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 24 Steamboat Springs, CO
Mar 09 Fort Collins, CO
Mar 17 Billings, MT
Mar 18 Red Lodge, MT
Mar 22 Bozeman, MT
Mar 23 Missoula, MT
Mar 24 Whitefish, MT
Mar 25 Moscow, ID
Mar 27 Seattle, WA
Mar 28 Portland, OR
Mar 29 Jacksonville, OR
Mar 30 Arcata, CA
Mar 31 Olympic Valley, CA

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