The Fritz
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Oct 01 Fairfield, CT

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Date Venue Location
Sep 28 Baltimore, MD
Sep 29 Northampton, MA
Sep 30 Burlington, VT
Oct 01 Fairfield, CT
Oct 03 Williamsport, PA
Oct 05 Syracuse, NY
Oct 06 Harrisburg, PA
Oct 07 Blacksburg, VA
Oct 14 Greenville, SC
Oct 20 Charlottesville, VA
Oct 21 Vienna, VA
Oct 22 Greenville, NC
Oct 28 Live Oak, FL
Nov 04 Boone, NC
Nov 16 Jupiter, FL
Nov 17 Boca Raton, FL
Nov 18 Key West, FL
Nov 19 Key West, FL
Nov 20 Key West, FL
Nov 26 Charleston, SC
Dec 31 Lakeland, FL

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