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Jul 30 Camden, NJ

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Date Venue Location
Jul 30 Camden, NJ
Sep 29 Portland, OR
Sep 30 Seattle, WA
Oct 14 Oslo, Norway
Oct 15 Göteborg, Sweden
Oct 16 Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 18 Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 19 Hamburg, Germany
Oct 20 Bonn, Germany
Oct 21 Berlin, Germany
Oct 22 Groningen, Netherlands
Oct 23 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 24 Paris, France
Oct 25 Turin, Italy
Oct 26 Milan, Italy
Oct 27 Bologna, Italy
Oct 28 Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 29 Paris, France
Oct 30 London, United Kingdom
Oct 31 London, United Kingdom
Nov 01 Leeds, United Kingdom
Nov 02 Southampton, United Kingdom
Nov 03 Leuven, Belgium

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