The Darren Bessette Band
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Date Venue Location
Jun 03 New York, NY

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Date Venue Location
May 25 Westminster, MA
May 27 Worcester, MA
Jun 01 Foxboro, MA
Jun 03 New York, NY
Jun 06 Hingham, MA
Jun 15 Westminster, MA
Jun 16 Kingston, MA
Jun 17 Haverhill, MA
Jun 23 Boston, MA
Jul 01 Westminster, MA
Jul 20 Foxboro, MA
Jul 21 Kingston, MA
Jul 25 South Weymouth, MA
Jul 27 Hampton Beach, NH
Jul 28 Cambridge, MA
Aug 05 Phillipston, MA
Aug 11 Lancaster, MA
Aug 19 Rutland, MA
Aug 19 Rutland, MA
Aug 25 South Weymouth, MA
Aug 26 Royalston, MA
Aug 27 Marshfield, MA
Sep 08 Hampton, NH
Sep 17 Princeton, MA
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