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Date Venue Location
May 06 Chicago, IL
May 12 Lansing, MI
May 13 Lansing, MI
May 19 Pittsburgh, PA
May 20 Hamler, OH
Jun 10 Fostoria, OH
Jun 23 Wolcottville, IN
Jun 30 Wapakoneta, OH
Jul 04 Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 07 Put In Bay, OH
Jul 08 Put In Bay, OH
Jul 09 Avon Lake, OH
Jul 15 Bucyrus, OH
Jul 22 Put In Bay, OH
Jul 23 Put In Bay, OH
Jul 29 Sulphur Springs, OH
Aug 04 Wolcottville, IN
Aug 05 Chicago, IL
Aug 11 Put In Bay, OH
Aug 12 Put In Bay, OH
Sep 04 Elmore, OH
Sep 23 Bowling Green, OH
Oct 07 Pittsburgh, PA
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