The Black Lillies
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Date Venue Location
Sep 08 Sellersville, PA

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Date Venue Location
Jul 26 Glenwood Springs, CO
Jul 27 Denver, CO
Jul 28 Lincoln, NE
Jul 29 Lake View, IA
Aug 08 Rockford, IL
Aug 09 Milwaukee, WI
Aug 10 Benton Harbor, MI
Sep 07 Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 08 Sellersville, PA
Sep 09 Norfolk, VA
Sep 10 Norfolk, VA
Sep 15 Franklin, TN
Sep 16 Bristol, TN
Sep 22 North Wilkesboro, NC
Sep 23 Durham, NC
Nov 02 Asheville, NC
Nov 04 Clayton, NC
Nov 08 St Augustine, FL
Nov 09 Tallahassee, FL
Nov 10 Stuart, FL
Nov 11 Brooksville, FL

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