Seth and Nirva Ready
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Date Venue Location
Mar 18 New York, NY
Apr 01 Philadelphia, PA

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Date Venue Location
Feb 23 Little Rock, AR
Feb 24 Whitney, TX
Feb 25 Whitney, TX
Feb 26 Jackson, MS
Mar 02 Chattanooga, TN
Mar 03 Nashville, TN
Mar 04 Louisville, KY
Mar 05 Auburn Hills, MI
Mar 09 Duluth, GA
Mar 10 Dayton, OH
Mar 11 Rochester, NY
Mar 16 Albany, NY
Mar 18 New York, NY
Mar 30 Hoffman Estates, IL
Mar 31 Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 01 Philadelphia, PA
Apr 02 Hartford, CT
Apr 04 Greenville, SC
Apr 06 Toledo, OH
Apr 07 Cleveland, OH
Apr 08 Charleston, WV
Apr 09 Indianapolis, IN
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