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Date Venue Location
Jun 10 Burlington, NJ
Dec 03 Bethlehem, PA

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Date Venue Location
May 25 Cambridge, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
May 28 Bath, United Kingdom
Jun 02 Ashburton, United Kingdom
Jun 10 Burlington, NJ
Jun 11 Fribourg, Switzerland
Jun 18 Mechelen, Belgium
Jun 22 San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Mexico
Jul 06 Stella, Canada
Jul 07 Stella, Canada
Jul 16 Duitama, Colombia
Aug 17 Stella, Canada
Sep 14 Duitama, Colombia
Sep 22 Gielgen, Germany
Sep 28 Gielgen, Germany
Oct 22 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Dec 03 Bethlehem, PA

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