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Date Venue Location
Jul 09 Fiesole, Italy
Jul 29 Newcastle, United Kingdom
Aug 26 Hastings, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
Sep 28 Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel
Oct 07 Sydney, Australia
Oct 08 Sydney, Australia
Oct 10 Hindmarsh, Australia
Oct 11 Hindmarsh, Australia
Oct 12 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 13 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 14 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 16 Perth, Australia
Oct 17 Perth, Australia
Oct 24 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 25 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct 26 Tilburg, Netherlands
Oct 28 Paris, France
Nov 24 Madrid, Spain
Nov 25 Barcelona, Spain
Dec 07 Norwich, United Kingdom
Dec 08 Salisbury, United Kingdom
Dec 09 Bristol, United Kingdom
Dec 14 Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Dec 15 Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec 16 Wakefield, United Kingdom
Dec 18 London, United Kingdom

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