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Date Venue Location
Oct 11 Baltimore, MD

Upcoming Dates

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Date Venue Location
Sep 30 Chicago, IL
Oct 01 Indianapolis, IN
Oct 02 Pontiac, MI
Oct 03 Millvale, PA
Oct 04 Toronto, Canada
Oct 05 Montréal, Canada
Oct 06 Buffalo, NY
Oct 07 Boston, MA
Oct 08 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 09 New York, NY
Oct 11 Baltimore, MD
Oct 12 Norfolk, VA
Oct 13 Carrboro, NC
Oct 14 Atlanta, GA
Oct 15 Tampa, FL
Oct 16 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Oct 17 Orlando, FL
Oct 19 Nashville, TN
Oct 20 St Louis, MO
Oct 21 Oklahoma City, OK
Oct 22 Dallas, TX
Oct 23 Houston, TX
Oct 24 Austin, TX
Oct 26 Las Vegas, NV
Oct 27 Mesa, AZ
Dec 11 West Hollywood, CA

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