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Jun 04 New York, NY

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Date Venue Location
Mar 29 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 31 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apr 01 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apr 02 Santiago, Chile
Apr 08 Santa Ana, CA
Apr 09 Santa Ana, CA
Apr 10 Escondido, CA
Apr 12 Northridge, CA
Apr 14 San Luis Obispo, CA
Apr 15 Sacramento, CA
Apr 22 Washington, DC
Apr 24 Charlottesville, VA
Apr 26 Greensboro, NC
Apr 28 Knoxville, TN
Apr 30 Nashville, TN
May 12 Atlanta, GA
May 27 Rochester, NY
May 28 Boston, MA
Jun 02 Little Rock, AR
Jun 03 Houston, TX
Jun 04 New York, NY
Jun 10 Manchester, TN
Jun 23 Slijk Ewijk, Netherlands
Jun 27 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Jun 28 Cardiff, United Kingdom
Jun 30 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Jul 04 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Jul 06 Bilbao, Spain
Jul 07 Madrid, Spain
Jul 08 Lisbon, Portugal
Jul 14 Louisville, KY
Jul 16 Louisville, KY
Aug 05 Montreal, Canada

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