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Date Venue Location
Apr 01 Portland, OR
Apr 02 Seattle, WA
Apr 05 San Francisco, CA
Apr 06 Hollywood, CA
Apr 12 Quebec, Canada
Apr 13 Ste Anne Des Monts, Canada
Apr 14 Carleton Sur Mer, Canada
Apr 15 Amqui, Canada
Apr 19 Havre St Pierre, Canada
Apr 20 Sept Îles, Canada
Apr 21 Port Cartier, Canada
May 18 Brighton, United Kingdom
May 18 London, United Kingdom
May 19 Brighton, United Kingdom
May 20 Brighton, United Kingdom
May 23 Cologne, Germany
May 24 Bremen, Germany
May 25 Hamburg, Germany
May 26 Berlin, Germany
May 27 Copenhagen, Denmark
Jul 21 Centre Hall, PA

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