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Date Venue Location
Jun 29 Sherbrooke, Canada
Jul 01 Toronto, Canada
Jul 02 Kingston, Jamaica
Jul 04 Indianapolis, IN
Jul 07 Ste Geneviève, Canada
Jul 10 Quebec, Canada
Jul 15 Ottawa, Canada
Jul 21 Waterloo, Canada
Jul 22 Centre Hall, PA
Jul 29 Béthanie, Canada
Sep 01 Philadelphia, PA
Sep 02 Philadelphia, PA
Sep 02 Montreal, Canada
Sep 15 Vancouver, Canada
Sep 15 Victoria, Canada
Sep 16 Vancouver, Canada
Sep 16 Victoria, Canada
Sep 17 Vancouver, Canada
Sep 17 Victoria, Canada
Oct 16 Berlin, Germany
Oct 17 Cologne, Germany
Oct 24 London, United Kingdom

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