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Date Venue Location
Sep 26 Tucson, AZ
Sep 28 Austin, TX
Sep 29 Dallas, TX
Sep 30 Memphis, TN
Oct 01 Nashville, TN
Oct 02 Atlanta, GA
Oct 03 Durham, NC
Oct 04 Washington, DC
Oct 06 New York, NY
Oct 07 Philadelphia, PA
Oct 20 Leeds, United Kingdom
Oct 21 Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 22 Newcastle, United Kingdom
Oct 24 Bristol, United Kingdom
Oct 25 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Oct 26 London, United Kingdom
Oct 28 Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct 29 Maastricht, Netherlands
Oct 30 Tilburg, Netherlands
Nov 01 Aarhus, Denmark
Nov 02 Oslo, Norway
Nov 03 Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 05 Berlin, Germany
Nov 06 Brussels, Belgium
Nov 17 Southampton, United Kingdom
Dec 02 Fairbridge, Australia

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