Audrey Assad
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Jul 07 Arlington, WA

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Date Venue Location
May 05 Alcoa, TN
May 06 Weslaco, TX
May 07 St. Paul, MN
May 18 Dublin, Ireland
May 19 Dublin, Ireland
May 20 Bangor, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
May 27 London, United Kingdom
Jun 01 Utrecht, Netherlands
Jun 22 South Bend, IN
Jun 24 Greenwich, CT
Jun 29 South Bend, IN
Jul 07 Arlington, WA
Jul 22 Washington, DC
Aug 05 Arnolds Park, IA
Aug 06 Omaha, NE
Aug 18 Fresno, CA
Aug 20 Forest Hill, MD
Aug 30 Dallas, TX
Sep 22 Jacksonville, FL
Dec 01 Baton Rouge, LA
Dec 30 Kansas City, MO

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