Arms and Sleepers
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Nov 11 Brooklyn, NY

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Date Venue Location
Sep 30 Brno, Czech Republic
Oct 01 Trencin, Slovakia
Oct 03 Munich, Germany
Oct 04 Giessen, Germany
Oct 05 Erfurt, Germany
Oct 06 Viljandi, Estonia
Oct 07 Anija, Estonia
Oct 08 Voru, Estonia
Oct 09 Daugavpils, Latvia
Oct 12 Leicester, United Kingdom
Oct 13 London, United Kingdom
Oct 14 Wurzburg, Germany
Oct 15 Ryazan, Russian Federation
Oct 18 Wiesbaden, Germany
Oct 19 Berlin, Germany
Oct 20 Poznan, Poland
Oct 21 Dresden, Germany
Oct 22 Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 27 Tallinn, Estonia
Oct 28 Wil, Switzerland
Oct 30 Mantua Mn, Italy
Nov 10 Harrisburg, PA
Nov 11 Brooklyn, NY
Nov 13 Cambridge, MA

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