Apologies, I Have None
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Date Venue Location
Sep 29 Vienna, Austria
Sep 30 Lucerne, Switzerland
Oct 01 Strasbourg, France
Oct 03 Geneva, Switzerland
Oct 04 Bern, Switzerland
Oct 05 Rorschach, Switzerland
Oct 06 Munich, Germany
Oct 07 Lindau, Germany
Oct 08 Karlsruhe, Germany
Oct 09 Wiesbaden, Germany
Oct 11 Trier, Germany
Oct 12 Coblenz, Germany
Oct 13 Hanover, Germany
Oct 14 Cologne, Germany
Oct 15 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 16 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov 20 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nov 21 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Nov 22 Manchester, United Kingdom
Nov 23 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nov 25 Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Nov 26 Leeds, United Kingdom
Nov 28 Bristol, United Kingdom
Nov 29 Southampton, Uk
Dec 03 London, United Kingdom

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