A Place to Bury Strangers
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Date Venue Location
Sep 09 Helsinki, Finland
Sep 11 Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 12 Oslo, Norway
Sep 13 Copenhagen West, Denmark
Sep 15 Maastricht, Netherlands
Sep 16 Angers, France
Sep 18 Lausanne, Switzerland
Sep 19 Brussels, Belgium
Sep 20 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 22 London, United Kingdom
Sep 24 Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sep 25 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 26 Digbeth, United Kingdom
Sep 27 Bristol, United Kingdom
Sep 29 Paris, France
Sep 30 Cologne, Germany
Oct 01 Berlin, Germany
Oct 26 Grenoble, France
Oct 27 Nancy, France
Oct 28 Bulle, Switzerland
Oct 30 Munchen, Germany
Oct 31 Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 07 Bezirk Landstrasse, Austria

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